Retro gamers will gobble up this classic game pack, which features six well-seasoned Atari games including Paperboy, Millipede, Crystal Castles, Marble Madness, Roadblasters, and Gauntlet. While the graphics may be outdated, the gameplay remains as strong as ever on these finger-twitching favorites.

Paperboy requires gamers to navigate through busy streets and numerous obstacles to deliver the daily newspaper. Millipede is the lesser-known sequel to the popular coin-op classic Centipede. Once again, you must shoot the many-legged insect as it slinks its way down from the top of the game screen toward your exterminator gun. Another fast-action title is Crystal Castles, which challenges you to clear off all the onscreen dots (à la Pac-Man) while avoiding numerous obstacles. Similarly, Marble Madness requires that you roll your way through multiple obstacle courses filled with dangerous traps and enemies. Roadblasters is a basic arcade-style driving game with guns, while Gauntlet is a dungeon-dwelling fantasy adventure game that captivated arcade goers in the '80s. --Brett Atwood


  • Faithful reproductions of six classic arcade games
  • Easy-to-learn gameplay for beginners

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