Candle Quest is a quick set-collection, auction and money-management game in which you buy/sell/auction cards in order to be the first to collect the entire set of candles necessary to light your Menorah.

On your turn, you either flip over a card from the draw pile, then buy, sell, or auction the card; or loot a card from a personal discard pile. The auction starts with you and goes once around but does not come back to you. If you win the auction, you pay the bank; if another player wins, they pay you and take the candle. In addition to candles, the deck includes unlit candles that you must pay off, but which can be used to pay off other unlit candles or loot candles. The deck also includes dancing candles that are wild, and can be used in place of any color.

In the basic game, the first player to collect all eight differently colored candles wins. In the advanced game, the player with the highest score at game's end wins. Candle Quest includes a junior variant for ages five and six that removes auctions and discard pile purchases and changes unlit candles so that they can be used to steal a candle from another player.

Candle Quest Card

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