Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix is the prequel to the survival-horror game Fear Effect. Here you play one of four mercenaries in a team that has signed on to bring back the kidnapped daughter of a powerful Chinese executive. The adventure takes players through the chaotic alternate reality of Hong Kong, Hell's Kitchen in New York City, the formidable walled city of Xi'an, the lost tomb of the first emperor of China, and, finally, into the legendary mountain island of the immortals, Penglai Shan. A variety of melee and range weapons, such as brass knuckles, pistols, and heavy assault weapons, will help you take out increasingly combative henchmen.

The game allows you to play as any one member of the team: cover-girl assassins Hana Tsu-Vachel or Rain Qin, master operative Royce Glas, or greedy killer Jakob "Deke" Decourt. The game's variable ending changes with the disposition of certain in-game events, and other hidden features promise added replayability.

Fear Effect 2