Monkeys Need Love Too is a fast paced, action card game where you compete to free as many monkeys as possible while at the same time preventing your opponents from doing the same.

Game play is divided into two phases. In the main phase, Flinging Poo, players take turns around the table. A player's turn starts off by drawing your hand to reload back up to 5 cards. If you draw banana cards, they are set aside and you keep drawing. Next the player has the option to play one monkey card and one action card. Afterwards they must feed their monkeys using the bananas they have stored. If a monkey can't be fed, he/she is discarded. And lastly, the player may discard any cards out of their hand in the hopes of drawing better ones or more bananas next turn.

The game is over when some plays the action card "No Coco, No!!". If successful, this ends the Flinging Poo phase and triggers the To the Trees phase. Everyone must now draw for their end fate. Do they escape? Must they sacrifice some of their monkeys to do so? Do they find new monkeys while on the way out? In the end, the person who freed the most monkeys without being caught is the winner of the game.

Monkeys Need Love Too

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