Stonehenge has always been a mystery, its original purpose lost in time. Titanic Games asks the question: what would five world-class game designers make of such a location if they were the ones to discover it?
Titanic Games presents the world's first Anthology Board Game™. We gathered together five talented game designers and gave each of them the same board and pieces. Five unique designers resulted in five unique games: an Arthurian showdown by Richard Borg, a monumental fire sale by James Ernest, a druidic election by Bruno Faidutti, a magical convocation by Richard Garfield, and an alien chariot race by Mike Selinker.

Stonehenge contains:
One rulebook with five games
One game board
One deck of 65 cards
Five plastic trilithons
50 plastic disks
50 plastic bars
Six plastic pawns

Stonehenge: An Anthology Board Game

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